Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Accell Roofing has been in business for 24 years, we have installed in excess of Five thousand roofing projects in London.
Q: Are you a member of the Better business bureau?
A: Accell Roofing Inc. has been an accredited member of the Better business bureau for the past 20 years
Q: How long will it take to replace the roof?
A: Most roofs can be replaced in one or two days.
Q: Do I need to be home when the roof is being replaced?
A:  It is not necessary to be home while the roof is being replaced.
Q: Will there be a bin in the lane way?
A: No, we will be using a dump trailer that can be removed at any time.
Q: Can we put the new shingles on over the old ones?
A: I do not recommend going over top of the old shingles. The roof deck boards should be inspected and repaired if necessary to ensure a quality installation.
Q: What happens with the old shingles?
A: 100% of the construction waste is recycled at Try Recycling
Q: Do you use fibreglass shingles and are they better?
A: Yes, all the manufactures have changed to a fibreglass core shingle and they are superior in many ways to the organic or felt paper based shingles.
Q: Who is the best shingle manufacturer?
A: Building products of Canada Is my preferred manufacturer as they are one of only two Canadian shingle manufacturer and it has been my experience that their products and warranty are superior.
Q: Do you install skylights?
A: Yes we are a certified installer for Velux skylights.
Q: Should I have tar paper on the roof under the shingles?
A: Yes, a row of at least 3’ of ice and water shield with the balance if the roof a minimum of # 15 tar paper.
Q: Do you clean the eavestrough?
A: Yes the eavestrough and the entire work area are cleaned of all debris.
Q: What about a steel roof?
A: You will get what you pay for with steel roofing. A good quality steel roof will cost 3 to 4 times that of a shingle roof and can last a lifetime. If the price is less than 3 times it is a low quality steel roof and it will not last very long.
Q:  Do you have insurance?
A:  Accell Roofing carries two million in general liability insurance and all of our installers are covered for injury with the Workplace Safety insurance Board. Copies of the policies are presented to each client during the quotation process.
Q:  Will you accept a cash payment so I won’t have to pay the tax?
A: No, as much as we all hate to pay taxes it is illegal to not claim income and avoid paying taxes. Accell Roofing does not participate in the underground economy.